FM Radio: Countdown To Rio

  • August 17, 2010
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Crowd of people waving brazils flag

PART I: Political Tailspin

The summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is a month away. During the games, there’ll be a political tug of war. The Brazilian Senate will have the final vote on whether to impeach the country’s first female president. KXL’s Erin Schneider kicks off our Countdown to Rio series with an inside look.

PART II: Security Woes

Latin America’s first-ever Olympic Games haven’t started yet but several athletes have been held at gunpoint in Rio already. This, as violent crime and murder are up significantly. With all eyes on Brazil, KXL’s Erin Schneider asks: what are the safety risks for the nearly half a million visitors next month.

Part III: From the Favela

Our Countdown to Rio Series continues with a close-up of favelas. You might know them as violent slums run by drug lords, but KXL’s Erin Schneider found a way for tourists to see a different view.

Part IV: Olympic Dreams

The Olympics kick off on August 3. KXL’s Erin Schneider tops off our series with Charles Jock, an Olympic hopeful who trains in Eugene. He came from behind to clinch his spot on Team USA and will be running the 800 meter race.